Breaking Children's Chains One Link at a Time

About Us

Abandoned Abused & Restored is dedicated to bringing awareness and ending sexual exploitation, slavery, and trafficking of girls, boys, and young women.

Abandoned Abused & Restored is committed to addressing the complex issues of commercial sexual exploitation through prevention, education, and restoration of hope to damaged lives.

Abandoned Abused & Restored also educates the public about what sexual exploitation is:
Child sexual abuse , exploitation, and child molestation are forms of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation.

Forms of child sexual abuse include asking or pressuring a child to engage in sexual activities (regardless of the outcome), indecent exposure, (of the genitals, female breasts etc.) to a child with intent to gratify their own sexual desires to intimidate or “groom” the child. There can be physical sexual contact with a child, or using a child to produce child pornography. There may or may not be an exchange of money or gifts to the child for such sexual “favors.

Sexual exploitation is the sexual abuse of children and youth through the exchange of sex or sexual acts for drugs, food, shelter, protection, other basics of life, and/or money. Sexual exploitation includes involving children and youth in creating pornography and sexually explicit websites. Other terms that are used to talk about sexual exploitation are “child prostitution,” “slavery,” and “youth sex trade.” We use the terms “sexual exploitation” or “commercial sexual exploitation” to acknowledge that the use of children and youth for sexual acts is abuse and is inherently exploitative.

All gifts to Abandoned Abused & Restored are tax-deductible (to the extent permitted by law) to each of our donors.

About Us Profiles:

Jann MacCollam is the CEO / Founder

Jann MacCollam is the CEO and Founder of Abandoned Abused & Restored. She has witnessed first-hand the tragedies suffered by women and children victimized by sexual traffickers. Her 25 years of experience, working with disadvantaged children globally sharpened her leadership skills and helped her develop many new programs in South Africa, Romania, and the Philippines to combat human trafficking.

Jann’s oversight in these projects ensured that each one properly used donated resources to rescue the children. She also helped raise funds for the various projects. Part of her responsibilities has included taking donors on "Vision Trips" to the projects. Donors and potential donors could see the projects and meet impacted families.

Jann attended UC Irvine and UCLA in Southern California, majoring in Human Development. Her 12 years of teaching school prepared her to work with children in the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) world and developed her insight to the needs of impoverished children.

Considered a modern-day abolitionist, Jann is dedicating her life to eradicating the sexual exploitation, slavery, and trafficking of children and women. Her deep passion for these innocent captives to be set free is more than a job; it is her “call to action” from God. 

Board Members

Cindy Incorvaia

Cindy Incorvaia has worked with incarcerated women at a Conservation Camp in Fallbrook, CA since 1999. Her passion is to see women overcome cycles of poverty, abuse, violence and low self-esteem. Cindy has a passion for creative arts and leads workshops in her home for Art and the Creative Process. Cindy believes when women can see themselves in a new light, where making art plays a big role, they can begin to connect the fragmented parts of their lives into a more positive whole.

Brad Lineberger

Brad Lineberger is owner and president of Seaside Wealth Management and lives in Carlsbad, CA. Brad has been an officer for the UCLA Alumni Club of San Diego and also serves on the Madgalena Family YMCA Board of Directors in Encinitas, CA.

Brad developed a keen awareness for sexual exploitation, slavery, and trafficking from his extensive world travels, as well as during his service as a firefighter in a city near the U.S. Mexican border. Brad offers his knowledge of finance, planning, and management to the board.

Carol Gilormo

Carol Gilormo had the privilege of being born and raised in San Diego. After finishing school, she was hired to be a flight attendant for a major airline, which gave her the opportunity to visit countries all around the world. She witnessed the horrendous exploitation of women and children. Carol is involved with a local church in her community that is keenly aware of the global infestation of sex trafficking and abuse. Her heart remains with those who are exploited and abused; her prayer is that God can use her to help set the captives free.

Debbie Loge

Debbie Loge is a graduate of Mira Costa College and Realtors Institute, GRI. She has been in the real estate industry since 1983. Debbie grew up in Newark, NJ, just eight miles from Manhattan. Although the “inner city” is not a third world country, it has its share of disadvantaged people. Debbie spent hours staring into the eyes of the abandoned, abused, hungry, despairing, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, addicts, poor, oppressed, homeless, exploited, and hopeless people. In her childhood, these people were often her friends, and Debbie aspired to become a social worker to help them.

Suzanne Lau

Suzanne Lau developed a passion for international missions work through short-term trips with several international charities and local churches in southern California. She then became a long-term missionary in the Philippines, helping to start a youth center for impoverished teenagers and street kids. Suzanne’s compassion for women and children being victimized by sexual exploitation and trafficking came through attending a conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for children at risk and visiting the red-light district of Bangkok, Thailand with Jann MacCollam.

April Viles

April Viles lives in Southern California and is currently working at a law and tax office. April will be enrolling in law school in the fall, where her studies will be focused on justice and anti-trafficking. April has held many volunteer positions over the years between church, school, and youth sporting activities. Armed with a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom, her work at the law and tax office has given April vast knowledge in aiding people in the financial arena. During a short-term mission trip in 2007, she was struck with the extent of present-day human trafficking. April joins the board, God willing, to make a difference and help those whose voices need to be heard.