Breaking Children's Chains One Link at a Time
  • I feel so Ashamed

  • I feel so Ashamed

  • I feel so Alone

  • I feel so Hungry

  • I feel so Lost

Mission Statement

Abandoned Abused & Restored is committed to helping women and children who have been sexually exploited, abandoned by loved ones, and abused by predators. We provide restoration for those who are marginalized, impoverished, devalued, disgraced, and disillusioned. We help expose the severity of global sexual exploitation and trafficking through education, prevention, intervention, and most importantly, through restoration of body, soul, and spirit.

How does Abandoned Abused & Restored help solve this problem?

  • Abandoned Abused & Restored partners with small programs to help raise support.
  • Abandoned Abused & Restored is unique in helping smaller organizations gain strength and stability, so that they can focus more on the victims they help rather than being as concerned about raising funds.
  • The founder and CEO, Jann MacCollam, has 25 years’ experience dealing directly and indirectly with disadvantaged children in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, and Romania.
  • Abandoned Abused & Restored also helps train organizations overseas in how to run a proper program, through the cross-fertilization of ideas that have worked well in other countries.
  • Abandoned Abused & Restored seeks to equip, empower, and emancipate small organizations to become self-sufficient and have a sustainable program for the children and families they help.

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Our Vision

Abandoned Abused & Restored exists to bring public awareness and solutions to the tragedy of sexual exploitation, including the trafficking of children and women that is sweeping the globe.

New victims are continually molested and raped daily by strangers, forced to give up the most intimate parts of their beings for money. Many are raped and beaten, often to the edge of death, while being forced to perform vile sex acts against their will.

As an organization, Abandoned Abused & Restored is dedicated to educating the public, families, and children to this rapidly growing industry that successfully evades law enforcement. Our education efforts reach potential victims and their families, as well as their communities, with resources that effectively address this crisis, which inflicts tremendous emotional and physical damage on its victims.